Happy Word Nerd Day

© andtam1 - Fotolia.comA friend and former PR colleague informed me yesterday that January 9 is designated as Word Nerd Day. How this glorious day dedicated to my brethren escaped my notice before now is a mystery, but I had to write today in its honor.

As a self-described Word Nerd, I do have a bit of a reputation. Friends post grammar-related humor to my Facebook page, and I have been known to carry a red pen in my purse (ok, I almost always carry one). I can’t read signs and restaurant menus without mentally correcting them, and I would love to banish the oft-misused apostrophe from any word resembling a plural. Don’t even get me started on its vs. it’s.

That said, I also don’t consider myself a hard-core grammar nazi, and I generally prefer simple, clear words to the five-dollar variety.

For me, the written word is the most perfect form of expression and communication. I can’t paint or draw – or do more than plunk out an easy tune on the piano – so writing for me is the most straightforward way to organize my thoughts, which tend to tumble over each other in my brain faster than I can speak. It’s a way to put a bit of me out into the world.

Most of the writing I do is for business clients. Plenty of professionals dread writing for business and find it dry, but I love the challenge of choosing just the right words to convey a business’ brand and tone. It’s a never-ending game to me as a lover of words and communication.

This year, however, I also intend to make good on a promise to myself to finish writing my first novel. I started it during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) this past November, but work and other commitments distracted me and pulled me away. Word Nerd Day is the perfect time to put that promise in writing and to hold myself accountable.

I look forward to the tens of thousands of words I will write this year, both for clients and for my novel, and I wish all you fellow Word Nerds happy writing.


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