Writing quick tip

Business writing and creative writing seem to belong on different planets, but business writing benefits from a good dose of creativity.

I am a writer who was trained in journalism and cut my teeth on PR, but my first love was poetry. I started writing poetry at about age seven and, sadly, let that particular creative streak go shortly after college.

I never did let go of my love of words, though, nor the images they create. A creative approach to words, hidden meanings and sometimes unrelated ideas has always informed my writing, even when grappling with the driest of business topics.

So, my writing tip this week is to tap into your creativity by remembering your writing roots. What drew you to writing as a kid or as a young adult? Go back and read some of your first stories or essays. Rewrite something you wrote then or pick up where you left off. If you’re stuck, use one of these writing prompts for kids to help you get in touch with your younger self. (Tip of the hat to Scholastic, another blast from my elementary-school past.)

The point is not to write award-winning work or even share it with anyone. The point is to rediscover the fun in writing and apply it to your professional life. The topic at hand may still be dry, but the writer need not be.


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