The trouble with tweeters

A new client recently shared with me that her corporate office wants each district manager to tweet 100 times a day in an effort to raise awareness and drum up new business.

Before you think I plan to knock Twitter, I should note that I met this particular client through Twitter. This business relationship is a perfect example of how social media can lead to new contacts and new business. Aside from that, Twitter is a great way to reach an engaged audience that is interested in your particular topic; but – news flash – not all of your target audiences are on Twitter. Even if they are, it is almost guaranteed that they won’t see each and every tweet you share, nor act on them.

It is a good idea to post on your chosen social media channels several times per day, but you have other work to do (assuming your title isn’t “social media guru”). You need to build social media into your schedule, or find a way to outsource it to someone, but you can’t let social media dictate your schedule. A good social media calendar and a little pre-planning can help you stay on top of it without getting overwhelmed by it.

That said, you also need to think about your target audiences. I said earlier that not everyone is on Twitter, and that’s true. A recent Pew report shows that only 16 percent of Internet users are on Twitter (67 percent are on Facebook, 15 percent use Pinterest and 13 percent use Instagram). That doesn’t even take into account the people who are not online at all: 21.4 percent of the North American population.

Bottom line, your outreach strategy can’t be limited to one platform or tactic. You need to reach your audience through both old and new media, online and in print and through the variety of other channels available to you. A little research into your target market goes a long way.

More on this topic in future posts.


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